Turquoise necklace | Το Τυρκουάζ κολιέ

Girl: Please show me the turquoise necklace. It’s for my sister. Please
wrap it for a gift. 

Shopkeeper: And do you have the money? 

Girl: Is this enough? I want to give this necklace to my older sister.
Since Mother died, she has taken care of me and my siblings. This is why
I want to give her something pretty…so she will smile. This is all I

Shopkeeper: Here. Carry it carefully. 

Older Sister: Good afternoon. Is this necklace from your store? 
Shopkeeper nods affirmatively. 

Older Sister: How much does is cost? 

Shopkeeper: Whatever sale happens in this store is a secret between the
client and I. 

Older Sister: Yes, but my sister had only a few coins and this turquoise
is real, we cannot afford this. 

Shopkeeper: Well, she paid her highest price, it did not matter to her
to give all she had. She only wanted you to smile.

from Blogger http://bit.ly/2UhNWuy


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